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'Apple will show two new ad spaces in the App Store from October 25'

ตุลาคม 23, 2022 08:30

Apple's App Store will feature two new ad spaces starting October 25. That is what MacRumors says. A first ad space will come to the Today page the other space will be featured in the app suggestions at the bottom of each app page.

According to MacRumors ad spaces will have a light blue background and an ad label will also be shown so that it is clearly visible becomes for the consumer that it is a matter of publicity. The two new ad spaces will reportedly be shown in all countries where the App Store operates but not in China.Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman stated in August of this year that Apple had plans to show more ads in its own apps. The company had already tested ads in its Maps app at the time but would also look to other of its own apps such as Apple Books Apple TV and Apple Podcasts. Apple also stated this summer to 9to5Mac that it wanted new ad spaces introduce in the App Store. Currently the App Store contains two ad spaces: one space is on the Search page the other ad space is on the search results page.

Apple is said to be making $4 billion annually from all its existing ads according to Gurman in the News app the Stocks app and the App Store app. According to Gurman that amount should grow to USD 10 billion or more in the coming years.

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